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Important Instructions
  1. Authentication Types:
    • Domain Authentication: This login is multipurpose and can be used to login at SFS, Windows domain, Lab Login, Email Service, Students Hotspots, Shared Drives.
    • SFS Authentication: This is alternate option for SFS only in case student domain authentication login is disabled / suspended. Alumni / Passout students also need to login through SFS authentication on SFS only because their domain login is suspended agter graduation.
    • Please note that this facility does not change the password of CU-Online.
  2. Registered email is that email which students have added on CU-Online.
  3. Student may reset his / her password through registered email by themselves. This service can only be used once in 5 days.
  4. If registered email is not accessible then you have to visit SSC, CUI Lahore with identification to get SFS password.